About us

KH Creation

We are a family owned silver jewelry manufacturer specialized in the usage of gemstones. With 20 years of experience, we are committed to provide our clients with high quality products, timely service, competitive pricing and unmatched overall experience.

Our Mission

We believe the process of achieving something beautiful comes from the strength of our relationship with our clients. Our mission is to collaborate with our clients to make their jewelry vision a reality.

Why KH Creation ?

We are excited to listen, discuss and work in partnership to craft products that are world class.
As a company with years of experience in the industry, we draw upon the knowledge and expertise accumulated to apply on new projects. We dislike being stagnant and is constantly adapting to current market trends and foreshadowing future fashion.
Everything under one roof, KH Creation is a “one stop shop” silver jewelry manufacturer. Our company encompasses departments that cover the complete process from design to final creation. We also welcome clients who bring their own designs! This is our passion. Our global clients can often find us working hours outside of the norm because we don’t stop till they are satisfied. We understand our success depends on our clients’ success.
Time create something beautiful together.